Gwunderwasser Playground


Nydegg: Diemtigtal - Grimmialp, Stierenberg

Nydegg: Diemtigtal - Grimmialp, Stierenberg

The Gwunderwasser Playground in the Diemtigtal Valley (Tiermatti, Schwenden) guarantees exciting experiences for young and old on the water.

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The water playground is divided into play and experiment sections. Items such as a water inlet and water flow, a wooden bridge and much more, offer a lot of variety. Children can test the various water play equipment and experience natural water dynamics by redirecting streams, creating dams and then releasing the water. A water safari, guided adventures for school groups and animation days are offered in the summer.

Resting zones with wooden lounge chairs that offer a good view of the water playground are ideal for relaxing. A grill station is available for barbeque fun. Catering and shower facilities, etc., are all nearby.

The Gwunderwasser Playground is accessible by PostBus from Oey-Diemtigen Railway Station and by motorcar.

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