Suonen and Sudelpark – irrigation channels & Puddle Park


“Hands on” are called for at the Suonen and Sudelpark in Unterbäch. And at the heart of the village, the tradition and techniques of “watering” in the Valais are exhibited on a compact 1,500 square meter area.

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In the driest region of Switzerland, watering is a means of survival. Via lengthy suspended irrigation channels, water feeding the parched sun-spoilt terraces here made its way from distant glacial valleys. With various construction methods, materials and diverse elements, water was dammed and diverted.

Such elements are on display on the smallest of space in the Suonenpark in Unterbäch. And imbedded in the Suonenpark is the Sudelpark (puddle park) for kids small and big! Lateral canals, aqueducts, water wheels and more make for plenty of variety for all – and you learn much about watering techniques in a playful way. Two Kneipp baths refresh bare feet with running water, and children can test the diverse elements in the Sudelpark and enjoy getting wet with various activities in and around water.

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