Roman Mosaics - Erstwhile Country Estate


The Roman Mosaics of Orbe consist of eight magnificent mosaic floors that decorated a Gallic-Roman estate dating back to the year 170. The mosaics give the visitor an inkling of the enormous wealth of the lord of the manor and gentleman farmer, whose villa had more than 100 rooms.

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The wealth displayed in the Mosaics of Orbe was probably earned by delivering food to the Roman garrison in Yverdon. These mosaics constitute the most beautiful collection of Roman mosaics north of the Alps. The mosaic floors lie beneath four protective pavilions. The floors were found in our time and were preserved on site. Four mosaics show geometric motifs, the other four show images ranging from the labyrinth of the minotaur to Roman gods and the symbols for the days of the week.

The latest excavations, dating to the turn of our millenium, unearthed a ninth mosaic, which is currently being restored, as well as the Mithras building, a temple devoted to the cult of Mithras, and thermal springs.

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