Countryside Conservation in the Domleschg


The Domleschg, a region rich in hedgerows and some truly idyllic countryside, is also home to numerous castles and palaces as well as another costly treasure no less worthy of preservation. The countless dry-stone walls that are such a distinctive feature of this area provide a habitat for all kinds of flora and fauna and are one of the main reasons for its diversity. There are numerous advantages to the practice of dry-stone walling. Not only does it clear meadows and fields of troublesome rocks and stones, but it puts these to good use as well. Yet not even these walls are spared the ravages of time!

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Schloss Sins Paspels
Exceptional success calls for an exceptional venue. Schloss Sins between Chur and Thusis nestles in the gently undulating countryside of the Domleschg where it may well seem more like a time capsule than a conventional seminar hotel. Our standards of quality, customer satisfaction and individual service are very high indeed and we provide all of these things in a setting that is not only unconventional, but really does merit the epithet "special". Whether it is in our Fitness Room, Forum, Refugium or Culinarium - you should prepare to be surprised!


Schloss Sins is located at the foot of the Altsins Fortress and is surrounded on all sides by orchards. It has its very own Baroque walled garden.

How to get there
By public transport to Paspels or by car. There are parking spaces at the Schloss.

Opening times
Open all year round.

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