A great past at the crossroad of the alps


Sitten: Vue sur Valère et Tourbillon

Sitten: Vue sur Valère et Tourbillon

As you explore the alleys of the Old Town, you can really feel the many centuries of history that have given Sion its very special charm.

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Your journey in time here, at the heart of the Alps, takes you through several periods of history. You begin in the 4th millennium BC (menhirs, dolmens), pass through the Roman era and into the Middle Ages – and a fabulous legacy including the cathedral, begun in the 12th century, and the castle of Valère, begun in the 11th – before arriving at the magnifi cent Renaissance and Baroque periods. You can discover the full story on one of the guided tours of the city, as well as in the three regional museums located in Sion.


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