Castle Sargans


Sargans: in - Richtung - Rheintal - St - Gallerstrasse

Sargans: in - Richtung - Rheintal - St - Gallerstrasse

Sargans: Sankt - Gallen - Schweiz

Sargans: Sankt - Gallen - Schweiz

Discover the history and culture of the Middle Ages in the Sarganserland Museum. Restaurant on site.

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A visit to Sargans Castle, which also houses the Sarganserland Museum, is well worth your while. Anything but old-fashioned, this stimulating and informative museum brings the region and people of the Sarganserland to life. .

Historical and folkloristic highlights, parts of the exhibition are also dedicated to geology, mining in the Gonzen and iron smelting in Sarganserland. Original equipment and original pictures are exhibited. The six floors of the tower are dedicated to providing information about local history and crafts, the Gonzen mine as well as agricultural work and Alpine life in the beautiful Sarganserland.

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