Roman Adventure Park and Legionnaire’s Path


On the Legionnaire’s Path in Windisch visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating history of Switzerland’s only Roman Legionnaire’s camp.

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In Vindonissa 6,000 legionnairs prepared for their deployment. The Roman emperor himself was their commander-in-chief. Retracing their 2000-year-old footsteps one feels transported back into the life of erstwhile legionnaires and their commanding officers. Nine beautifully staged sites invite you to see the sights and hear the sounds of Roman military life: sites include the sunken officers’ kitchen with pictures of an opulent feast and conversations one can listen to and the ruins of the Roman thermal baths filled with light and scents, or the only still functioning Roman water duct north of the Alps. Many of the sites are not visible from the outside, but they are exclusively accessible to guests visiting the Legionnaire’s Path and the splendor of its modern recreations.

Families and school classes can look forward to performances of games and public events. The legionnaire’s path offers themed tours for adults through the legionnaire’s camp, opulent feasts in Roman surroundings and Roman event taverns. Adventurers can enjoy unique overnight stays in the Roman camp Contubernia, which was authentically rebuilt. Roman food is cooked over a fire and antique games are played. On family-oriented Sundays, visitors play in the Roman workshop Fabrica and bake bread as it was done two millennia ago!

Legionnaire’s Path Vindonissa – where Roman history becomes an experience for all the senses.

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