Swiss Alpine Museum


In Bern, the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are near enough to be grasped. Only the Swiss Alpine Museum (ALPS) is closer to the mountains. The ALPS has been open since March of 2012 after a comprehensive renovation.

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A refreshing summer climate, mountain farmers, climate change, the dwindling of the glaciers, tourism and the building of second homes - the Alps and their mountain world are a hot topic in art, literature, society, economics and politics.
The Swiss Alpine Museum offers unconventional exhibitions about current topics pertaining to the world’s mountains. Visitors get to enjoy a museum that is an interactive platform for posing questions and discussing issues. The attractions include the experimental bivouac, the museum shop and the alpine cuisine of the museum’s restaurant «las alps».

Special exhibits and a thematically broad event and education program give visitors the chance to make new discoveries. Recommended for 'mountain climbers' of all ages.


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