Museo etnografico- Paesaggio antropico

Valle di Muggio

Stabio, ROTOFIL fabrics SA

Stabio, ROTOFIL fabrics SA

Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso

The Museo etnografico of Valle di Muggio is primarily an open-air museum. The information center does have exhibitions, but the permanent exhibits are to be found in the surrounding environs. Amazing, what an Alpine valley has to offer.

First of all, there is the "Nevèra", which can only be found here in Switzerland. It is a cylindrical construct made of quarry-stone brickwork, with a conical flagstone roof. During the winter this structure, which is several meters deep, was filled with snow. In the past, local farmers used to keep milk cool in these cylinders until further processing, up until the following fall season. Graa" are another object of interest. They are buildings for drying chestnuts. "Cisterna" are buildings that collect and store water from snow melting on roofs. "Roccolo" are towers for catching birds.

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Information: Casa Cantoni, the Information Center of des Museo etnografico. From here several well-documented trails lead to the objects and in this cultural landscape.
Opening hours: Open all year
How to get there: By car or public transportation from Chiasso to Valle Muggio and to Cabbio


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