Fredy's Mechanical Music Museum


Köbelisberg › Süd-Ost: Sankt Gallen - Säntis

Köbelisberg › Süd-Ost: Sankt Gallen - Säntis

Fredy Künzle professionally restores mechanical musical instruments for collectors all over the world. His own instruments are always in good condition and render music as it was heard in the 18th, 19th or 20th Century.

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From the tiniest music box to a huge orchestrion, the exhibits can be admired not just as silent stationary witnesses to their time, but by movement and melodies they speak for themselves and for their creators, most of whom have passed away.

Guided Tour:
For individual visitors: every last Saturday and Sunday of the month. Guided tours are conducted at 3 p.m., or upon prior appointment (groups of at least 5 persons).
For groups for more than 12 persons: Guided tours can be arranged at any time upon appointment by telephone. The museum's exhibits can be viewed only with a guide.

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