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Willisau › Nord: Sicht vom Dach der Kantonsschule

Willisau › Nord: Sicht vom Dach der Kantonsschule

Two collections are on display in the former printing press rooms of the Willisauer Boten (“Willisau Messenger”). One can now view the music instruments of the Patt Collection as well as the Heinrich Schumacher museum exhibits.

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Christian Patt has rebuilt and reconstructed more than 260 instruments in the course of 50 years - from medieval times and the Renaissance. From the marine trumpet to the psaltry to the tuning fork: on a guided tour one becomes acquainted with these instruments and can try to play them.

A native son of Lucerne, Heinrich Schumacher collected musical instruments as early as the end of the 19th century. This collection of old musical instruments, which includes several particularly beautiful exhibits, can be viewed in Willisau.

Guided tours:
Tours of the instrument collection are tailored to the visitors' wishes and expectations. It is necessary to book the tour early.

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