Malcantone - Land of Chestnuts


This Ticino hill landscape ranges from the Gulf of Agno on Lake Lugano to Monte Lema. Picturesque Ticinese villages, narrow mountain lanes and vast chestnut forests define the region, which is ideal for hiking and biking tours.

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For centuries chestnuts were the most important product for the inhabitants of Malcantone. Today the age-old chestnut groves are once again cultivated and chestnut products are offered in stores and restaurants.

The region offers a variety of attractions, ranging from sacred buildings such as the churches of Miglieglia and Cademario with their Romanesque bell towers and late Gothic mural paintings to numerous museums and the Parco Naturale del Monte Caslano, which showcases the region's geological and botanical variety.

The Chestnut Trail takes about five hours to hike. It begins in Arosio and imparts information about the chestnut plant and about Malcantone.

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