High life on the golf course - Arosa


The gold course in Arosa is one of the highest in Europe - the ball flies particularly far at 1,850m. Go get your clubs!

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The 2001 extension from a 9 to 18 hole/ 65 par golf course was only made possible with a few concessions. Which makes the course in Arosa a truly special case - due to cows on the course, certain parts cannot be played after 7pm. But this certainly doesn't detract from the pleasure of playing golf on the Maran Plateau, way up above the tree-line. The comfortable clubhouse also welcomes non-golfers.
With its covered driving range and introductory courses for beginners, Arosa's golf course provides a great alternative to mountain biking. And first-time golfers will feel an even greater satisfaction - the thin air at 1850m helps the ball to go just that little bit further!


Some like it green

Golf is addictive - but it's a healthy addiction. As you play you quickly clock up the miles, in fresh air and surrounded by nature. Arosa offers a spectacular backdrop and a particular challenge: this is the highest 18-hole golf course in Europe. but you barely notice the effort you are putting in - until you have holed out on the home green, and rested your clubs in the corner of your hotel room. Then it is time to have a stretch, grab the bathrobe and head for the spa - that of the small but sumptuous five-star Hotel Kulm, for example, or the five-star Tschuggen Grand Hotel, designed by the celebrated Swiss architect Mario Botta.


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