Lachen (SZ): Super Sunset


Lachen SZ: Flugplatz Wangen

Lachen SZ: Flugplatz Wangen

Lachen is situated at an especially picturesque spot on the southern shore of Lake Zürich’s upper end.

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The view from Lachen is dominated by the two spires of the Late Baroque parish church, which was built close to the shore of Lake Zürich between 1709 and 1711. Lachen also boasts numerous monuments such as the Soldiers Monument of the March, the French Monument and the Raff Monument as well as many beautiful village fountains and memorial plaques.


At Lake Zürich, especially in Lachen, you can look forward to viewing a magnificent sunset. Gourmands and epicureans enjoy being treated to culinary delicacies at Restaurant Marina Lachen.

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