Haus zur Treib


Seelisberg: Bergkäserei

Seelisberg: Bergkäserei

“Haus zur Treib” is today a restaurant. It dates back to the year 1658 and can be reached by funicular or via a narrow road from Seelisberg. Haus zur Treib is adjacent to a landing stage of the Lake Lucerne fleet. The historic locale, which is protected from the strong Föhn winds, served from 1482 onward as the meeting place of the old Swiss Confederation. The old assembly room is open to visitors.

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In the early Middle Ages a harbor was developed at Treib to protect it from the stormy Föhn winds blowing over the southern basin of Lake Lucerne, the Urnersee. Treib also served as a neutral territory for persecuted persons, who were allowed to stay there for three days without having to fear arrest. The “Haus zur Treib”, where the original five cantons of the Old Swiss Confederation convened for 72 meetings, was first mentioned in 1482. The present building dates from the year 1658 and has been constantly renovated in the original style. The old meeting room can be visited to this day. A property of the municipality of Seelisberg, the building is a protected monument.


At the pier in Treib you can enjoy an unbelievably beautiful sunset. A dinner in or in front of the historic inn is another highlight of your visit.

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