Heida Village and Europe's Highest Vineyard


Bergstation Rothorn, Visperterminen

Bergstation Rothorn, Visperterminen

Visperterminen - Giw

Visperterminen - Giw

The pearl of the Alpine wines comes from Europe's highest vineyard. The vineyard terraces lie close to each other in rows on the southern slope, below the Heida village of Visperterminen. The Valais sun ripens the special grapes that yield a special wine.

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The Valaisian town of Visperterminen is well-known for its vineyard, which successfully produces special wines at an elevation of 650 to 1150 meters above sea level. One of these wines is the "Heida Visperterminen", a special aromatic white wine pressed from the old species of grape that bears the same name.

These grapes love the clay and sand soils, which contain a bit of lime, the strong sun rays and the elevation of the growing area. Even the Celts cultivated wine in Visperterminen, as shown by archaeological finds. Today about 42 hectares of vines are cultivated in the so-called Heida Village. The three wine producers offer tastings and a vineyard trail informs visitors about wine, vine species and methods of cultivation.


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    Norman Renouf

    This is not the highest vineyard in Europe - that´s in southern Spain.

    Saturday, Nov 10, 2012 10:15 AM

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