Discovering the Bolle di Magadino


The Bolle di Magadino, one of nine water meadow landscapes considered by the Swiss Academy for Natural Science to be of international importance, includes the delta of the Ticino and Verzasca Rivers at the Langensee (lake).

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The Bolle are home to a unique fauna and flora found in areas between firm ground and water. Thanks to the provision of nature trails it is possible to visit the Bolle without interfering with or harming its natural inhabitants too extensively. A visit to the Bolle is pleasant any time of the year, however, snow does give the landscape a fairytale appearance!

Three access points in Magadino and one in the Tenero-Gordola area lead to the nature trails with German and Italian information boards. During the summer months, the Ente Turistico del Gambarogno (tourist office) organises guided tours by rowing boat through the Bolle di Magadino nature conservation zone.

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