Mineral Trail


Binntal - Imfeld

Binntal - Imfeld

Visitors can explore a rich geological diversity in the Binntal valley thanks to its exceptionally varied flora. The treasure of this valley is concealed within the mountain – nature has made the Binntal valley one of the regions of the Alps which is richest in mineral deposits.

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The Binn Valley is one of the world's ten largest mineral deposits, known since the 18th century. Located next to the deposit Lengenbach, Switzerland's only rock crystal mine is worth a visit. A didcatic trail focusing on the region's geology is a good introduction. The area's tourist board is preparing a public rock collection spot but even visitors today should not forget to bring a hammer, a chisel and a box to carry home one's finds. Do not expect to get rich - it is nonetheless an enriching experience.
Binn Valley Tourism offers mineral excursions.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation from Brig to to Binn via Fiesch.

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