Glass-blower's trail


Flühli Schwändiliflue

Flühli Schwändiliflue

Flühli - Switzerland, Lucerne: Golfclub Fluehli-Soerenberg

Flühli - Switzerland, Lucerne: Golfclub Fluehli-Soerenberg

This special ‘industry’ trail in the Entlebuch leads from Flühli to Sörenberg.

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At original sites, the significance of glass-blowing is described, one of the most important industries in Lucerne canton in the 18th century. Between Flühli and Sörenberg the business of the former glass industry is explained; how timber-consuming, over-exploitative practices were harmful and how, as a consequence, the forest had to be re-planted to protect the valley floor. Walking time: 4 hours.

The trail starts at the Flühli Post bus stop.


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