Zoo al Maglio


More than 100 animals from all over the world are at home in the Zoo al Maglio to marvel at. These include lions, panthers, snow leopards, serval, the Bennett wallaby, gibbons, macaques and capuchin monkeys as well as parrots.

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The Zoo al Maglio is located on the shady banks of the river Magliasina and is particularly suitable for children because they get to see the animals up close. Playgrounds in addition delight little ones - whereas the big ones are sure to love the well-equipped barbecue areas! The zoo is easily accessible both by car and public transport.

The history of the zoo goes back to the sixties - at a time when Edith and her husband Roland Fehr were visiting a zoo in Tehran. Here they learned that a little lion cub named Nero should soon be euthanized due to an injury. They decided on the spot to take Nero with them to Switzerland to restore him back to good health.

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