Riggli the dwarf explains where energy comes from


There is a new interactive educational trail on the Riggisalp, where children and adults can learn about the world of renewable energy. The themed trail is around two kilometres long and includes nine totem poles that provide information and stimulate the senses.

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The existing and very popular circular hiking trail on the Riggisalp now features a series of tree stumps two-and-a-half metres high with information boards attached. On each board, Riggli the dwarf explains where renewable energy comes from. There is an accompanying brochure for the parents and a rucksack for the children.

The Riggli trail is suitable for children of three and over. Like the Witches Trail, this path also includes a small rucksack containing a snack, drink and sweets as well as a booklet, crayon and magnifying glass. The children are set a task at each totem pole. If they colour everything in by the end, they receive an ice cream at the mountain restaurant and a ticket for the summer toboggan run. The rucksack costs ten Swiss francs.

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