Makes 4 × 2.5 dl cups
Preparation time, approx. 10 minutes

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Bring the milk, cocoa powder and sugar to the boil, stirring all the while. Remove from the hob. Break up the chocolate. Dissolve it in the hot milk. Bring back to the boil, still stirring all the time. Pour the rum into the liquid. Add pepper to taste. Pour into heat-resistant glasses, dust with grated chocolate and serve immediately.

HINT. If you wish, you can serve with semi-whipped cream. Place a spoon in the glass so that it does not shatter when you pour in the hot liquid. It dissipates the heat.


8 dl milk
50 g cocoa powder
50 g sugar
100 g extra dark chocolate, 72 % cocoa
1 dl of rum
Three colour pepper from the pepper mill
Chocolate to decorate

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