Cheese-dairy and nature trail through Greyerzerland


Moléson: Village

Moléson: Village

The short tour from Moléson-Village to Pringy is a stroll through the picture-book-perfect countryside of «Le Gruyère AOP». The show cheese-dairies in Moléson and Pringy are the main focus of the theme hike. Clearly worded information panels along the route enable you to gain insight into the secrets of cheese making.

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The peak of Moléson rises proud and mighty to the sky, as if it were standing guard over the entire valley. The theme hike begins at the foot of the giant, in the center of the village named after the mountain. This hike takes a close look at the mysteries of cheese making. There are two hiking alternatives to choose from. One hike takes you through les Reybes (described here), the other through la Provêta. The tour begins at information panel 10 (Tafel 10), which belongs to the the cheese-dairy Fromagerie d'alpage de Moléson-Village. The route leads past panels 11 through 20, down to Pringy, and ends at the Maison du Gruyère (Tafel 1 / panel 1). Authentic alpine huts and magnificent forests are passed en route.

Begin of tour: Moléson-Village
Access starting point: Bus first to Epagny and then on to Moléson-Village
Point of arrival: La Maison du Gruyère in Pringy
Hiking time: 02:00 h
Physical fitness: easy
Difficulty: easy
Difference in elevation: 430 m
Culmination point: 1'150 m
Season: May - October
Gastronomy: Moléson-Village, Pringy

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