Rottenweg- (Rhone Path) in the Upper Goms


The Goms is situated where the Rhone river is still called the Rotten and the river resembles more of a wide stream than a wide river. The wide valley floor in the Upper Goms is not only suitable for agriculture, it is also a wonderful place for sport's enthusiasts to show off their skills.

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Hiking, cycling, mountain biking; in winter, Goms is a cross-country skiing region par excellence, the diversity of sports is practically limitless. The walk from Oberwald to Ernen is comparable to a long stroll. Low in difficulty, in turn giving you an endless amount of time to simply enjoy the magnificent landscape, the route passes picturesque villages and hamlets. The bubbling waters of the Rhone continually point out the route.

Oberwald - Ulrichen - Reckingen - Niederwald - Ernen

From the southern side of Oberwald station, firstly walk over the Rotten bridge to the left river bank. In Ulrichen the route leads towards the Nufenenpass before it branches off to the right. At Münster, walk across the airfield to the playground, barbecue area and tennis court. The district of Überrotte is connected to the village of Reckingen by a wooden bridge. After passing the hamlet of Bodme, the trail changes across to the sunny side of the valley. At Niederwald station, the path branches off to the left over the Rotten. Remaining on the flat, the route leads past Mühlebach and the Mosshubel until Ernen is reached.

Begin of tour:Oberwald station
End of tour:Ernen
Access starting point:With the Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway from Brig
Access point of arrival:Bus to Fiesch and the Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway to Brig
Technical requirements:Easy
Physical fitness:Medium difficulty
Total altitude meters:Approx. 180 m
Hiking time:6 hrs. 15 min
Season:May to October
Gastronomy:Restaurants in all villages
Overnight:Oberwald, Ernen
Various:Ernen gallows, Mühlebach: Europe's oldest intact village centre, Schinerhüs (1465) and Chapel of the Holy Family in Mühlebach, baroque church in Reckingen, swim in the Geschinersee, playground in Münster, Weger Baschi Memorial in Geschinen
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