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The contrasts that make the Engadin, between Maloja and Zernez, so unique really come to the fore during the months of summer. Majestic Alpine landscapes with glittering white peaks and bizarrely beautiful glaciers rub shoulders with idyllic deep blue lakes and lush green Alpine meadows with their sweet, bright and fragrant flora. These contrasts are also reflected in the 13 Upper Engadin villages and in the culinary range on offer.
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Luxury, glamour and charm

Luxury and glamour are just as much at home here as are originality and unpretentious Engadin charm. You'll be spoilt for choice by the wide range of events on offer - everything from sports to art and cultural occasions. Culinary offerings range from elegant gala dinners to hearty Engadin specialities.

The Ultimate in Culinary delights

In the Upper Engadin, the culinary range on offer is in keeping with its gastronomic tradition. Here we also find the unique contrasts that permeate this area. Typical Engadin restaurants with their rustic, elegant charm feature exquisite local delicacies on the menu such as Capuns, Pizokel, Plain in Pigna, Maluns and Zuoz cabbage soup. The valley has a host of exclusive restaurants that have Gault Millau or Michelin ratings and serve superior exotic or classic cuisine. Restaurants in the top hotels also serve national and international cuisine to the highest standards. Our Online Gastroguide provides valuable restaurant tips for every taste and this makes it easier for our holiday guests to know where to go for those exquisite culinary treats in store for them:


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