Glacier Wine - The “Sherry“ of Valais


Glacier wine has originated in the Val d´Anniviers, a valley south of Sierre/Siders. The traditional blending method consisted in earlier times of 90% Rèze wine and 10% Humagne Blanc, Ermitage, Petite Arvine and Malvoisie.

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Nowadays glacier wine (Le Glacier) is produced mainly from Ermitage. As far as the oxidation process is concerned, the wine is usually aged for 10 to 15 years in a series of larch-wood barrels.

Grimentz glacier wine is a legend that can only be tasted in Grimentz village wine cellars. The story behind glacier wine is extremely simple: the casks are never completely emptied and each year new wine is added. The oldest drops can be over 125 years old!


Cellar visit and information on the history of wine as well as tastings in Grimentz.

Further information at Grimentz/St-Jean Tourism.

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