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Walking on the Aletsch Glacier, Valais

Walking on the Aletsch Glacier, Valais

Hiking Overview
To ensure a delightful hiking tour, careful planning is imperative. Information about the level of difficulty and other useful tips will help you in your preparations. All indicated times are actual hiking times. There are no pauses calculated in the times indicated. Tip: Hike preferably in groups of two or more for safety reasons and for sharing pleasure responsibly! Most of the tours can be hiked from both directions. All hiking-proposals are based on officially signposted hiking paths:

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    Levels of difficulty technical requestsconditional requests
    EasyTo be recommended to everyone, if more or less used to hiking. No special shoe requirements. However, hiking shoes are always recommended. Excursion , A walk with up to 3 hours marching time, flat, or a maximum of 500 meters difference in altitude.
    Medium Some tracks might have higher requirements. Longer ascents over roots or stony grounds are possible. Good hiking shoes are important. Hiking with approx. 4 hours marching time and 1000 meters of difference in altitude.
    DemandingSome tracks may be slightly abandoned. A good head for heights is an advantage. Climbing tracks are excluded. Good hiking shoes are a must. Excursion , A walk with up to 6 hours march with over 1000 meters difference in altitude.
    DifficultUp to high alpine paths. Ice and boulders are expected, but easy climbing sections are possible. The tour does not require a mountain guide if not specially mentioned. Corresponding equipment, replacements and security gear, depending on the tour, are recommended. Alpine excursions lasting up to several days in the mountains or distant hiking tacks with long distances.

    Weather and seasons:
    For excursions in the mountain area in particular, the meteorological conditions in the heights may change suddenly, snowing even while summer temperatures are measured in the valley. The strong winds blowing in the heights can cool down the air quickly. Clouds and fog may make it difficult to maintain orientation. Inform yourselves about the atmospheric conditions before starting any excursion.

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  • Public traffic:
    Use the train, bus or ship for your arrival or departure, which often is a panoramic experience in itself. Thus, make your car or point of departure comfortably and easily reachable..

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