Schacher Seppli Adventure Trail in Giswil


In 2007, the song “Der Schacher Seppli“ was the number one hit on Swiss Television. Ruedi Rymann had newly interpreted the song, for which he had already received the Golden Record in 1982. The Schacher Seppli Adventure Trail in Giswil reminds us of the famous, meanwhile deceased yodeller from Obwaldnerland.

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The Blue Route (four kilometers) starts near Giswil Railroad Station, where visitors are welcomed by a large Schacher Seppli figure carved from wood. On this route, eight stops are dedicated to the yodelling hit “Der Schacher Seppli“. Tip: at the fourth stop a barbeque picnic awaits you “between heaven and earth”

The Red Route (ten kilometers) tells you more about Ruedi Rymann as yodeller, gamekeeper and nature lover. At each of the seven stops one learns more about Ruedi Rymann’s life through fun and games. At the end of the hiking loop one goes up to Hotel Landhaus, where the view over Giswil and the Sarneraa Valley is especially beautiful.

Short version: approx. 4 km
Long version: approx. 10 km

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