Trottinett-Fun on the Wasserfallen Mountain


The Jurassic Mountains can be explored on two wheels, at times leisurely, at other times fast.

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At the back of beyond in the "Feufliber-Tal", a valley where mountain brooks originating in the Hintere Frenke Mountain rush over prominent rock cliffs, the gondolas of the Wasserfallen Train grant access to a unique sun-drenched Jura landscape. Magnificent panoramic mountain vistas, fresh mountain air, a fauna replete with different species as well as a lush flora make Wasserfallen an ideal starting point for a family excursion, for sports activities, or the relaxing experience of solitude.

A vast network of walking and hiking trails spreads out in all four directions and offers many options: a short stroll to the sunny terrace of a restaurant; a circular hike with vistas of snow-capped Alpine peaks, an instructive forest trail into the valley, or multiple-day hiking tours in the Jura Mountains leading to Lake Geneva.

Trottinett Party. A real rush for young and young-at-heart adventurers! The ride into the valley on two wheels, whether leisurely or fast, is the crowning of an adventure-filled day on Mt. Wasserfallen. Trottinett tickets can be purchased at the valley-station, while Trotinetts can be rented at the mountain station. Off you go, freestyling or at your own leisure.

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