Through the tropical-alpine Brenno Gorge

Valle di Blenio

Der 'Ponte Lau' über das Bächlein Orino bei Malvaglia im Bleniotal

Der 'Ponte Lau' über das Bächlein Orino bei Malvaglia im Bleniotal

The Blenio Valley is typical of the northern Ticino: densely forested cliffs towering over a sun-flecked ravine-like valley.

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The dominating colors are found in the green meadows and the gray rocks and stone houses. The acoustical background is the babbling Brenno River, which over the years carved itself a gorge connecting Motto and Semione. Once there was a rock avalanche in this valley and large rocks are still lodged in the middle of the stream, and the surrounding fields are littered with large blocks of gneiss. The "Sentiero Basso", a hiking path following the valley from Biasca to Olivone, passing through Aquarosse, crosses some nearly virginal parts of the Ticino. Every once in a while one will find a hidden treasure, such as the Romanesque belfries, the baroque churches and the medieval castle ruins. This is an easy hike. It is recommended that hikers that cross the elegantly arched stone bridge "Ponte Lau" crossing the Orino Gorge, which enters the Blenio Valley in Malvaglia, get a glimpse of the impressive depth of this gorge.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation from Bellinzona to Aquarossa/Olivone via Biasca

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