From Cerentino to Bosco Gurin

Bosco Gurin

In less than two hours the hiker moves between two worlds that are geographically close, but historically and culturally completely different.

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Technical information

Starting point:Corzott
Destination:Bosco Gurin
Getting to the starting point:Bus
Getting to the destination:Bus
Physical fitness:easy
Hiking time:2h
Season:April till October


Cerentino (Corzott) – Carbonera – Corino – Piano dei Vitelli – Ts Mutshoos - Gèschnau - Wå ‘Gmåchi - Tènza-Boda - Bimdschi - Zu (San) Roggsch Chåppalu - Zur Chåppalu Ufum Heingåårt (Bosco Gurin)

The hiking trail follows the riverbank and leads through forests and across clearings along the old trade route that used to connect Locarno to Bosco Gurin. In times gone by, the mule-traders needed about 10 hours to get to the market place in Locarno.

Tour Overview

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The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it. Please take the time to contact the local information centre and enquire about route and weather conditions before setting off. Your intended trail may be fully or partially closed, depending on the time of year and weather conditions.


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