Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

This unique centre of architecture, design, culture and gastronomy is located in the heart of the city of Thun. Here, an old listed industrial building has been brought back to life and is now home to creativity in its purest form.

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Located close to the Old Town, the former industrial area and site of what was the Schweizerische Metallwerke Selve & Co has been brought back to life once again. Halle6, the only survivor out of some 20 industrial buildings, has been listed due to its unique architecture. Today, its interior literally pulsates with creative life with a design laboratory and interior decorators (daskonzept AG), cultural events in all forms imaginable (Konzepthalle6 AG) and award-winning gastronomy with legendary culinary delights (thunisst.ch / sleep&dream GmbH). The hall can be visited daily. It is also possible to rent the space for private and commercial events.


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