Swiss Ornithological Institute on Lake Sempach


Sempach - Switzerland

Sempach - Switzerland

Sempach - Die kleine Stadt am See

Sempach - Die kleine Stadt am See

The Ornithological Institute in Sempach is the Swiss center of excellence for all matters pertaining to native bird species. The principal duties of the private institute, which is funded by donations, include species conservation, educational programs and research projects.

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The Swiss Ornithological Institute was founded in 1924 as a station for ringing birds, and is today a locally and internationally respected institute for ornithology and the protection of birds. The public is familiarized with native bird species at the institute's headquarters in Sempach. A fil documentary about the Ornithological Institute's projects, an exhibition about birds and their voices as well as two PC workstations and an info-column with information and games facilitate multimedia learning. The care of injured and sick birds, a large library with specialized books and comprehensive databanks about the prevalence of birds and their habitats make the Sempach Ornithological Institute a learning center of national importance.


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