Loreto Chapel


Fribourg is known to have many lovely chapels, the most famous of which the Loreto – from the terrace of which visitors have matchless over the Old Town.

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The Fribourg replica of the Pilgrims’ Santa Casa of Loreto church in Italy is an Early Baroque construction (1647-48 by J.F. Reyff) reigning over the town of Fribourg from a beautiful spot. The chapel was built owing to the battle of Fribourg between the Bavarian Imperial Armada under Franz von Mercy and the French army under the Duc d’Enghien, towards the end of the thirty years war.

The bitter conflict with heavy losses on both sides took place on 5 August 1644 on the slopes of the Slierberg. In the case of victory Fribourg citizens promised the construction of a chapel much the same as that of the Santa Casa in Loreto. Following the loss of 6000 men the French actually retreated direction Breisach – and the chapel you see today was in fact constructed.

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