Alpine Culture Trail: architectural highlights in Simmental

Architectural masterpieces of carpentry from Oberwil to Erlenbach in the Simmental valley.

There are regions, where everything is just perfect: the landscape, the villages, the individual houses, the gardens. This is what you will enjoy when you go on the hiking trip from Oberwil to Erlenbach in Simmental valley. The hiking trail leads past magnificent farmhouses that are artistic masterpieces of carpentry.

Diemtigtal Nature Park

In 2005, the Chirel und Fildrich rivers raged with abandon. But the wounds of the flooding have healed over, and the valley now presents every facet of its natural beauty for all to admire.

Seemingly secluded from the rest of the world, this lowermost but typical side valley of the Simmental is a cosmopolitan and welcoming place. The Diemtigtal valley is a 16km-long oasis of wilderness and pristine beauty.

Diemtigtal House Trail

The Diemtigtal valley is celebrated for its magnificent rural dwellings, and you can see some of the finest along the marked Diemtigtal House Trail. The details are particularly impressive: intricate carving, delicate paintings and elaborate compositions of form and colour that adorn the wooden fa├žades underneath the massive roofs.

Tobogganing at Wiriehorn

Take a comfortable ride by chair lift to the starting point of the toboggan run before enjoying the downhill run on the machine-groomed descent.