Evangelical church in Stugl

In the past it was not only goods that were transported over the Albula Pass, there was also a vibrant cultural exchange between the north and the south. In the little church in Stugl (14th century), there is only room for a couple of dozen people. The wonderful paintings in this little chapel perched on a hill between Bergün and Filisur are strikingly reminiscent of those in the Arena Chapel in the northern Italian town of Padua.

Haute Route Graubünden – a classic ski tour

Travel through the most beautiful landscapes in Graubünden on touring skis this winter along the High Route. Between Julier and Flüela Pass some of the most beautiful ski tours of the Alps can be undertaken via a single continuous route that connects four SAC mountain huts.

Bergrestaurant La Diala, 1974m

A large sun-terrace and winter garden. Magnificent panoramic views of the mountains. La Diala is a Rhaeto-Romanic name and means "Fairy". The Mountain Restaurant La Diala is the starting point of winter hiking tours: To Alp Darlux and farther up to the Snowhill Bar above Alp Darlux.

Snowhillfamily Park Darlux

Every winter the Snowhill Family on Darlux constructs a versatile Freestyle Park that meets the demands of all riders - from the beginner to the pro.