Bracher Specialities

The Bracher family takes great pride in producing beetroot salad, berry wines, and liqueurs: all specialities that carry the “Ämmitaler Ruschtig” regional quality label.


Restaurant Terrasse
The spacious outdoor area stretches out above the river, providing an arresting view of the Parliament Building and the Cathedral against the backdrop of the Old Town. The fish dishes and afternoon coffee and cake are highly recommended.

Ristorante Casa
At the edge of a gravel courtyard, a romantic garden frames the Ristorante Casa, a half-timbered house listed on the historic register. It once served as a sauna house and is now an ideal venue for casual Italian dining.

Event Lounge
With its large wall of windows, the Lounge looks out upon the currents of the Aare and the tree-lined gravel courtyard. The building is remarkably long, having once served as a bowling alley. It's a popular place among night owls.

The Schwellenmätteli – composed of the Terrasse, Casa and Event Lounge – lies right along the banks of the Aare and seems like its own island.

Marksmen’s Festival and Fulehung

During the battle of Murten in 1476, the warriors from Thun captured Charles the Bold’s court jester. Nowadays, the court jester, called Fulehung, is the most important character of this festival. Equipped with mask, pig’s bladder and nightstick he chases the crowd through the streets of Thun while handing out candy to the kids.