Chamanna Coaz CAS

In the midst of the Engadine mountain world, at 2,610 meters, surrounded by the mighty Bernina Massif. In spite of its sensational location in the heart of the High Alps, the hut, which is operated by the Swiss Alpine Club, can be easily reached in about 2 1/2 hours.

Climbing for children in Pontresina

Climbing adventure for children. Climbing up a rope, securing, down-roping. Children enjoy sharing this fun experience with with their peers (ages 8 - 14).

The mountaineering school aims to teach children aged 8 - 14 climbing in an age-appropriate way and to experience the rock as a challenge they can meet and tackle.

Full steam ahead into the snow wall

Not to be missed: Up to ten employees othe Rhaetian Railway tackle several meter high snow walls at the Bernina with the help othe world's only steam snow blower still in operationA thrilling adventure for railway buffs: a special train with a 100-year-old steam locomotive huffs and puffs from Alps Grün or from Cavaglia to Hospizaccompanied by a guidePassengers can look forward to a hearty repast oEngadine specialties on Alp Grün