Glacier nature trail Morteratsch

Nature trail from Morteratsch station (1896m) to the glacier, through thousands of years of the earth's history into the ice ages, and back again into the present. Information about the current recession of the glaciers and the unusual life forms in their foreland. Views across the Pers and Morteratsch glacier, of Piz Palü and Piz Bernina. 2.7 km to the glacier, 100m difference in elevation, 45 minutes.

The walk from the Morteratsch train station to the end of the Morteratsch Glacier is a brief one, yet it covers thousands of years of the earth’s history. After less than 50 minutes on foot from Morteratsch station, you'll glimpse your destination: the milky glacial lake and gigantic ice tongue.

Culinary delights in a glacier paradise

Romantic winter promenade to the traffic-free Val Roseg, one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the Alps, accompanied by unique peak and glacier scenery.

Chamanna da Tschierva CAS

Height above sea level: 2583 m Sleeps: 100

Ice-climbing in Pontresina