Hiking adventure at Lake Brienz

No other lake in Switzerland has the kind of blue color that Lake Brienz has.

No other lake in Switzerland possesses the incredible blue hue of Lake Brienz. The lake shimmers turquoise, then silver-blue-grey - it's quite unique. The lake is surrounded by steep, towering mountains. The various types of cheese-cuts in restaurant Bären in Oberried have these mountains as their namesakes. The hike starts in Brienz and continues steadily uphill and downhill, along the lake to Interlaken. The fabulous views will captivate you again and again. On your way to Interlaken, you will pass by the villages of Oberried, Niederried and Ringgenberg, each in more idyllic surroundings than the other.

Tourism museum for the Jungfrau region

The first regional museum in Switzerland dedicated to tourism presents the development of travel for pleasure and vacation accommodation in the Jungfrau region.

The regional museum dedicated to tourism presents on three floors the development of travel for pleasure and breaks in the Jungfrau region.

Village Museum “alte Pinte”

The village museum “alte Pinte” also displays interesting objects from the Bönigers’ past.