Shooting with bow and arrow, just like Robin Hood

Calling all Robin Hood fans! In Nax one can immerse oneself in the world of the popular folklore character and go into the forest with bow and arrow.

Hérémence Church

This was built by an architect from Basel. This concrete masterpiece suddenly springs up in the middle of the typical wooden chalets.

Piste du Mont Rouge

Magnificent views across to the Dent Blanche already from La Meina with a glimpse of the Matterhorn in the valley behind. And even more scenic wonders from the top mountain station as you spot the Weisshorn and Zinalrothorn – four striking giants over 4000 meters high. Panoramic pistes from start to finish, diverse landscapes and pistes that make their way down beautifully broad slopes with no narrow passages.

Skijoring - fast-paced fun with horsepower

Pulled on skis by a horse at a considerable pace, together with the close proximity to these beautiful four-legged friends, make this a delightful experience for big and small alike.