Visit to the Alpine Museum

Many of the exhibitions at the Alpine Museum located in an old Engadine house are of interest to children as well, for example, a bird collection with recorded birdsong, minerals from the Upper Engadine, Bergell, Puschlav, magic world of minerals with exhibits from all over the world, hunting, game and the environment, development of summer and winter Alpinism.

The Alpine Museum offers visitors and locals alike a wealth of information concerning lifestyle, culture and development of the farming village to transformation of the popular Pontresina mountain resort, which it is today.

Chamanna da Boval CAS

Height above sea level: 2495 m Sleeps: 90

Upper-Engadine Panorama Route

Unique panoramic walk from Alp Languard over to Muottas Muragl.

A classic highland hike that winds its way high above Pontresina from Muottas Muragl across to the Alp Languard – terminating in panoramic show of the upper-Engadine lakes as far as the mighty Piz Palü and Piz Bernina massifs.

Bernina Express

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