The Lauberhorn Run

None is longer, none is more famous: The Lauberhorn Race is the ultimate World Cup event. The Lauberhorn Race takes place every year in mid-January.

Heroes triumph here, and sometimes they also fail: The Lauberhorn Run has been the scene of all kinds of fates and emotions. At 4.5 km, it is the longest and most demanding World Cup downhill course. However, it is also suitable for experienced amateurs.

Planet Trail Ringgenberg-Goldswil

All about the sun, earth and moon.

The Planet Trail Ringgenberg-Goldswil describes our relationship to the solar system in easily understandable language.

Trekking with goats

Trekking like in Giessenpeter’s time: the tame goats carry the luggage and accompany the trek with loud bleating and joyful jumps.

Burgseewli natural bathing beach

Swimming and snorkelling among ducks and water-lilies. At the lakeside there is the children's adventure paddling pool.

Swimming and snorkelling among ducks and water-lilies in clean water in a nature reserve.