Tandem Paragliding in Ticino

Paragliding gives you a bird’s eye view of the most beautiful places in Ticino.

Accompanied Visit to the La Lée Copper Mine

The walk from the village to the La Lée copper mine takes a good hour (with young children this will take about 1 and a half hours).

The mine is located above Zinal on the left bank of the River Navizence, 1,920 m above sea level.

Fairies' Grotto and the Waterfall

The "Grotte des Fées", or the "Fairies' Grotto", is a natural zig-zagged gallery reaching 1,000 metres into the mountain, at the end of which is a 50 metre-high subterranean waterfall.

The Fairies' Grotto is to the north of St. Maurice.