Around the Swiss National Park

A marvellous experience of pristine nature awaits the biker on the four-day-tour around the Swiss National Park.

The unique landscape of the Swiss National Park forms a stunning setting to one of the most spectacular biking tours in the canton of Graubünden (Grisons)! Nothing but nature for four whole days, with an unparalleled range of flora and fauna. Challenging ascents, passages through tricky single trails and daring downhills make this a sublime tour in terms of biking technique. Not to mention the many superb vantage points and panoramic views you can enjoy en-route.

Snowpark Scuol

The winds of change are blowing in Lower Engadine: Snow Park Scuol has been fully upgraded in the 2010/2011 season.

Schmelzra S-charl and the Bear Museum

The museum (open June – October) shows how for 300 years the mountain people on the Mot Madlain dug out the ore by hand before smelting it in the valley (Schmelzra) in order to obtain the precious silver and lead. From the tools and carts of that time shown here, you can see vividly how the miners and the farmers lived. There is also a permanent special exhibition about the last bears hunted in Switzerland.