Reichenbach falls – Sherlock Holmes

Here at the 120 meter-high waterfall, Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle found inspiration and a death place for his hero Sherlock Holmes in the battle against Professor Moriarty.

Ferpècle Glacier

The 6-km-long glacier lies to the south-east of Evolène. The relatively flat glacier ice field in the upper part is also termed the ‘Plateau d'Hérens’. The glacier is flanked by the Dent Blanche (4357m). The oft-travelled pack route in Roman times leading from the Val d'Hérens into the Italian Valpelline passed through this area; stretches of this established high-Alpine route still remain in tact in places.

Hagen Tower-lookout

The Hagen viewing platform by Merishausen in canton Schaffhausen offers sweeping from the Black Forest as far as the Alps.