Monte Lema – scenic ridge

From Miglieglia the modern cable car reaches the peak of Monte Lema in only 10 minutes. From the terrace of the mountain restaurant you will enjoy a splendid view.

Polybahn – emblem of Zurich

The Polybahn in the middle of the City of Zurich is more than a piece of nostalgia. Ultramodern technology in nostalgic garb guarantees safe operation while preserving a living testimony to Zurich’s pioneering achievements in the late 19th century.

In operation since way back in 1889, today Polybahn funicular rail transports around 50 passengers every two minutes, in both directions. And the route is the very same as that of when it first commenced.

Pfannenstiel Tower

The Pfannenstiel Tower was renovated in the summer of 2013 and has a turbulent history: The steel lattice tower was originally built on Bachtel mountain in 1893. Since it was not suitable as an aerial mast, it was reconstructed on the Pfannenstiel in 1992.