By foot to Heidi’s mountain hut

The adventures of Heidi, the orphan girl, are known the world over. Not least through the eponymous film from 1952. One of the original locations is above St. Moritz and can be visited at all times.

Hatecke dried meat products

Meat from the Engadin's Alpine meadows is very rich in natural minerals and vitamins. With the Hatecke origin engiadinais, the finest portions are taken and seasoned with spices before being air dried over a period of months. The sleek, simple shapes in which they come all bear witness to a respect for nature, a reverence for Engadin culture and an expression of joie de vivre.

Cafè Badilatti

The small Engadin village of Zuoz is home to Europe's highest altitude coffee roastery. Its produce hails from such exotic lands as Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, Costa Rica and Brazil. Next door is the Caferama Coffee Museum where you'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about coffee.