Crown Glass – Colorful Show-Glassworks

Visitors get to experience at first hand how glowing hot, still liquid glass achieves its shape and is transformed into a work of art. And they even have the opportunity to try their hand at this craft! Well suited for individual visitors, groups and school classes.

Soulce nail makers

Anybody who wandered through the Soulce Valley in days gone by would have seen a thin plume of smoke rising from many a small building and heard a uniform knocking on an anvil. That would have been a nail maker. After the Second World War, this craft came to a sudden end when the demand for shoe nails for army boots suddenly stopped. The old nail smithy in Soulce is open to visitors by arrangement.

The art of stoking

Make your boyhood dreams come true as an apprentice fireman on the legendary Brienz–Rothorn mountain railway! Besides learning all about the line and the vintage 1892 locomotives, you can take a look inside the steam engine, be present when the brakes are tested and help stoke the furnace on the way up to the top. Plus you return home with a personalized fireman’s certificate.