Switzerland’s only Glass Labyrinth

The extraordinary world of glass enchants visitors with glass sounds and a fascinating light show. Similar to a mirror hall, and yet different, it is not easy to find one’s way to the exit. One has to take care not to bump into something.

Green Andeer granite

When Abraham Conrad began extracting and processing green Andeer granite in 1906, he probably had no idea about how many things it could be used for. Today, it is used for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, floors, facades and many other purposes. On request, groups can be shown round the granite works.

Roof shingles workshop

It was when the Safien barn conversion project began, that the Safien roof shingles workshop was set up. Local people from Safien make shingles and in this way find an additional source of income while at the same time preserving an ancient craft. Whenever possible, the Safien barns are roofed with the local product. Find out more by taking a guided tour.