Plants and Rocks in the Melchsee-Frutt Region

The didactic trail Bonistock shows the age and provenance of the rock and explains some of the rock and karst formations. The glacier also was instrumental in creating the many rock formations such as the potholes, perfectly smooth rocks, and erratic boulders one can see here. Also very special is the flora which grows in all cracks and crevasses.

The high Alpine plateau of the Melchsee-Frutt has two deep-blue lakes that stand out brightly against the craggy peaks surrounding the area. It is a classic area for hikers and mountaineers of all levels. There is a 90-minute hike which offers visitors a fantastic view all the way to Mt. Titlis and gives some geological insight as to how the valley came to be.

Alpenhotel Glogghuis ,1920m

Hotel Gemsy, 1920m